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20 Top Animation Blogs To Level Up Your Skills

The internet can be a difficult place to navigate because of the sheer amount of websites and resources available. As a fledgling animator, it can seem a little overwhelming at first. We've curated a list of 20 animation blogs that will help you level-up your video...

The internet can be a difficult place to navigate because of the sheer amount of websites and resources available. As a fledgling animator, it can seem a little overwhelming at first.We've curated a list of 20 animation blogs that will help you level-up your video animation skills by learning from professionals that have been there done that. Anything from corporate videos to 3D animation, you'll be spoilt for choice.

3D Artist Online

The 3D Artist Online blog is the digital outpouring of the 3D Artist software and is designed to be a source of inspiration for those in the computer-generated imagery industry.The content covers a very wide range of aspects, including images, interviews and career advice for 3D Artists.

3D Total

When 3dTotal was first launched it was a straightforward 3D resource website. Today it is a website dedicated to all things CG (computer-generated) art, from training products to texture libraries.A great source of resource and inspiration in a friendly learning environment loved by 1.5 million visitors per month.


Skwigly is an animation magazine and proudly holds the title of longest-running UK based animation magazine and community.The blog content covers everything from animation news, through to interviews and podcasts.

The Animation Anomaly

The Animation Anomaly is so named because it’s the work of Charles Kenny who is actually a civil engineer. He considers himself to be an anomaly in the animation world and this slightly different perspective makes for some interesting reading.Recurring themes include the future of animation and how it interacts with the developing digital media world.

Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor offers animation education online.It was set up by three professionals answering the question “If we were to start over again, how would we want to learn?” Today it’s a resource for top quality educational content to help animators reach creative potential.

Upcoming Pixar

If you’re a fan of Pixar, you’ll definitely want to follow Upcoming Pixar. Created in 2004, this blog covers all the latest Pixar news and films and is touted as being the largest Pixar fan community.Animators who grew up on films from Pixar and still eagerly anticipate the latest releases will love updates from this blog. There is also a large forum with over 5,000 members who chat about everything Pixar and Disney related. You'll get to learn a thing or two about storytelling and animation.

Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew began more than a decade ago back in 2004 and dedicates itself to sharing the latest animation news, trends and ideas.It features content on the full spectrum of animation, from hand-drawn and stop-motion to cutting-edge digital. If you're an aspiring cartoonist or digital animation artist - this is one to look at!

Traditional Animation

As the name suggests, Traditional Animation is a must-read for anyone with interests in hand-drawn animation. If you're a purist interested in learning the art of animating using your own two hands (with a pencil and paper), you're in luck.With over 180,000 followers, the blog features a recurring series called: Animation Show, which are basically videos featuring interviews and lessons with different animation experts. Traditional Animation also features written interviews, endless libraries of pencil tests and model sheets, as well as a community forum where interested users can participate in discussions on animation.

On Animation

On Animation is all about spotlighting inspiring content in various animation formats. Aside from the numerous video inspirations posted daily on the website, visitors and followers also get exclusive access to insights and interviews from video pros.On Animation also provides updated information on upcoming industry events, useful tools for video artists as well as video-related gadgets and training programs.


Motionographer aims to “be a source of inspiration for filmmakers, animators, and designers.” They do so by sharing top-grade work to inspire their readers, highlighting influential studios and professionals in the field and providing commentary on work that delivers deep insight into the creative process of some of the world's top animators. You can also find animation tutorials, heaps of inspiring videos to look at when producing a new piece of work and much more.

Animation World Network

Animation World Network boasts readers from 151+ countries that tune in to the blog for regular updates on all aspects of animation. Whether you're after independent film production news or CGI technology updates - you'll be able to find it right here.

Thinking Animation

A technical animation blog that's all about exploring the nitty-gritty aspects of animation in 2D or 3D. It’s designed to be somewhere for animators interested in honing their craft to come together and inspire, share and study with various learning resources available for consumption. They even sport content on career strategies to get ahead as an animator.

I Want to Be an Animator

I Want to Be an Animator is the perfect resource for beginning animators or animators looking to brush up on the basics of animation. The blog is managed and written by a veteran animator who has been working in the field more than a decade. The site features detailed video tutorials and step-by-step guides to help you master animation skills from the fundamentals.


Stash is not a blog for those looking to learn animation, but rather for those looking for inspiration or relevant examples of animation to start from. It boasts the largest online archive of animation, visual effects and design. The only catch is that its permanent collection is not free. Even if you're not looking to spend a dime, the Stash homepage is more than sufficient to get your fill of animation tutorials and inspiration.

Canadian Animation Blog

Canadian Animation Blog began in 2008 as an online project to provide Canada's animation community a platform to showcase their work. It has since evolved into a discussion board that's benefitted people from all over the globe. It frequently features animated shorts, event coverage, storyboards, photos and interviews from industry pros that give you a peek into the minds of experts to start your own projects right.

The 11 Second Club

Want to get a head-start in the industry? Join this blog's monthly character animation competition. The site also releases a new audio file each month and participants are tasked to animate a character that appropriately interprets the audio. Voting takes place at the conclusion of each month to determine the winner, who will receive professional critique from mentors in the industry.

Animation Physics

The blog is one of the best free educational resources for animators of all shapes and sizes.It offers educational content on anything from traditional animation to computer graphics to stop-motion. As per its name, the blog focuses more on the principles and laws of physics and how it applies to animation. It provides instructionals that drill in the basics of managing physics for stuff like character animation, special effects, lighting and visual effects.


If you’re looking to brush up on your animation skills, or pick up entirely new tricks of the trade, AnimSchoolBlog is for you. The blog isn't updated as often as the others with only one brand new post every month. That said, it offers a myriad of video tutorials and tips that can benefit any animator. You'll get access to fundamental videos that teach you basics like eye-animation and even plugins that you can install

Animation Scoop

This blog is run by Jerry Beck, a prolific animation producer and former studio executive with Nickelodeon Movies and Disney. Beck and other contributors offer their various perspectives on upcoming films and other industry news. Hearing directly from these experts are sure to improve your skills as an animator.

Speaking of Animation

This blog is the product of four professional animators currently working in the industry. The interesting thing about this blog is that it brings you into a conversation between fellow animators - a dialogue not a monologue. You'll be able to interact and learn from four veteran animators as well as make some new friends in the industry.This should be a good starting point if you're thinking of diving into animation as a career. Did we miss any of the good stuff? Let us know in the comments below.