Build loyalty with delightful brand videos

Infuse your personality and forge customer relationships through compelling storytelling

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Build a genuine human connection with your prospective customer

Let your prospects know they aren’t just working with a ‘talking head’ and choose you for the things that make your company special.

Acquire new customers that are in it with for the long run.

Spread strong company culture and values and attract top-talent hires.

TAK - Interior Products

With our experienced front-of-house and dedicated execution team supporting from behind, we'll take you through each part of the process

Script and Storyboarding

Setting the recipe for success

With the information gathered, we start putting together a coherent and persuasive script using our unique C3 video framework and producing a visual video storyboard.


Serving on a silver platter

Only after the precise planning do we commence the filming or animation process for your video. We also hire professional voice-over artists and include background music too.

Objectives and Research

Handpicking out the right ingredients

Every great project starts with a strong, goal-oriented plan. We ensure that we align on your goals early before conducting research on your company and competitors.

Visual Style and Moodboarding

Whipping up a mean dish

We build a mood board to suss out your preferred visual style of characters and elements to ensure we get the next stage right without too much changes.

Now your story isn’t just forgotten on your “about” page

Build trust even before they’ve reached out to you. If they’ve been sitting on the fence, they are now more likely to make a decision to at least meet your team.