Cisco Partner Transformation

As a world technology leader, Cisco is constantly keeping up with the market changes. As they were pivoting to a subscription-based business model, Cisco needed to assist their partners with their digital transformation journey. We were approached for a series of videos to encourage and guide their partners into taking their first step to digital transformation.

How've we helped

As a world leader in information technology, Cisco, based in America, aims to assist companies all over the world in transforming the way we connect, communicate and collaborate. In the spirit of innovation, Cisco underwent a business model transformation motivated by changing market demands and technology disruption. Working alongside a large pool of partnering companies meant that these companies had to transform in tandem with Cisco for their remodelling efforts to come to fruition. Cisco reached out to us for 2 videos intended to encourage and guide partnering companies and organizations in accelerating their pace of digital transformation together with Cisco. 

Cisco provided us with the presentations (written for Cisco’s product development directors) that were to be in the videos and a storyboard to convey their vision. The storyboards Cisco provided us with gave us a good opportunity to understand their vision. We were then able to use the storyboard as a reference and call upon our professional knowledge and experiences to better bring Cisco’s vision to life. 

One key challenge we faced was to keep our target audience engaged throughout the speakers’ presentations. To resolve that, we strategically inserted motion graphics and b-rolls within the presentations. Not only does it make the video more dynamic and digestible, but it also helps to uncover the charisma of our speakers. 

We attempt to help you achieve your business goals with creative editing and animation. For Cisco’s instance, we created a unique use of the pie chart to better convey a point made by the speaker in the video, making the content much more digestible for the audience. The positive feedback for the first video led to a second video with another director and a third video featuring a fireside chat.