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Vonage Convo 2021

Each year, Vonage invites business decision makers in APAC to share with them the latest developments in CX and new breakthroughs to Vonage's advanced CPaaS solutions

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Vonage is an Advanced CPaaS vendor specialising in helping B2C companies elevate their customer experience (CX) through the use of customisable APIs and SDKs. APIs are scripts that customise a service, such as an automated SMS for appointments or two-factor authentication to verify users. To promote their products, they invite business decision-makers to their annual B2B conference, Vonage Convo APAC. As Vonage is constantly updating and acquiring new solutions, Convo is a great way to engage existing clients

and also bring in potential customers, similar to how Apple’s keynotes work.

The 2021 theme was "Accelerating your ability to connect with customers", in which we proposed the concept of a Borderless World, where businesses can transcend physical boundaries and explore new ways to serve their customers with the help of Vonage's products. We also wanted to emphasise the endless possibilities in the idea of a 'Borderless World’ and the extent to which Vonage's customised solutions will empower businesses.

We pride ourselves as strategic video partners for businesses. Our role for the conference went beyond the service of simply shooting a video. Motionsauce was an essential marketing partner in the entire production - advised on the sales communication strategies, producing the film and motion graphics outputs, strategised & wrote the copy for all the keynote speeches, announcements, case studies and product presentations, and directed the artistic approach, allowing other Vonage partners to focus on managing the event logistics.

Filming was spread over a few days, starting with a day shoot at Mapletree Business City (MBC). To engage the audience, we segmented different parts of the prologue to be filmed at three different spots around MBC, along with a good blend of stationary and walking scenes to make the video more dynamic. Conceptually, with its futuristic designs, MBC also complemented the borderless theme we wanted to convey. As the audience are business decision-makers for their companies, we understood how they process information to decide on reaching out to Vonage for its solutions. Hence, we paid extra attention to directing the interviewees in terms of their tone and gestures to make them appeal more to the business decision-makers. 

To give the audience the exciting visual experience usually found in B2C events, we strung the different footages together to create a seamless flow, spruced up with transitions such as portals to ‘transport’ the speakers into the borderless world. As it was a virtual conference held during work hours, we also understood that the audience may concurrently be doing work. As such, having the regular, information-packed 16:9 PowerPoint slides, superimposed beside the speakers, would make viewing difficult and disengaging for the audience.  An important aspect of successful marketing is that the information has to be clearly presented to the audience. Hence, we chose to spread the text graphics and title elements across the entire space, giving it a touch of unconventionality with a borderless look for ease of grasping the main points Vonage is putting out.

Producing a virtual conference for a B2B client to market its solutions to their customers who are in B2C is an uphill task.

After 4 months of work, weekly sync-ups and repeatedly heading back to the drawing board, the APAC Convo 2021 event was a success.

From the client’s report, Vonage Convo 2021 was more successful in engaging with their audience as compared to 2020. It was reported that there there was a 41% turn-up rate with 370 out of 906 registrations turning up for the event.


The event consistently engaged the audience throughout the two hours, with an average attendance of 222, with the attendance peaking at 262 during the event. Being a business marketing event, 1 or 2 participants would be representing their company, hence equivalent to engaging nearly 150 companies within the duration of the event. The overall feedback from the attendees were overwhelmingly positive, with an in-event rating of 8.9 out of 10 and a post-survey rating of 4.7 out of 5.

“Vonage APAC Convo is our annual flagship event to activate our brand and create engaging conversations with our customers, prospects and partners. The 2021 event was able to translate the audience’s engagement into actionable outcomes. Since the event in November 2021, our APAC sales and customer solution teams have been busy connecting with the interested customers to discuss and execute ways to grow their business using the ideas and innovations shared during the event. It is not easy for a creative agency to understand our business, much less market our solutions to our dynamic target clientele. Motionsauce was instrumental in the planning & execution of this high production value event, partnering well with our colleagues from both the APAC and global offices in the United States. This sets the blueprint of our future virtual flagship event.”

Kate Liew

APAC Marketing Director