Ala Carte

Singapore Cancer Society

With a clear mission to minimize cancer and maximize lives through effective programmes, the Singapore Cancer Society commissioned Motionsauce for a video with the intent to urge women in Singapore, both Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, to get screened for cervical cancer, as part of their Women’s Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Campaign Efforts. The video was launched on their Youtube channel as well as the SCS website.

How've we helped

Medical-related materials are often accompanied by medical jargon, which can be difficult to understand. The challenge for us here was in the arrangement of the content points. We needed this video to be easily digestible for the diverse age group we’re targeting, and it comes down to deciding between spending the 1-2 minutes to build awareness for the campaign or to educate and assure them of the screening process.

With knowledge comes the empowerment to take action. After balancing our options, we’ve decided that it is more important to equip the audience with facts about how cervical cancer can arise and explain the screening procedures visually than to dangle a zero-dollar price tag before them. Through education, we raise awareness amongst them and empower them with the confidence to get screened.

Visually explicit medical content can be disturbing, especially when watched in public. Our inspiration was drawn from the anatomy of flowers, with orchids specifically chosen for their resemblance to the female reproductive system. It blooms strong and vibrant, independently beautiful. As it gets infected by diseases, it withers and dies. The life emotions that it carries with, tuck at our heartstrings with its relatability and colour tones that exudes femininity. It was a no-brainer that this is the perfect concept.

Our client and their sponsor were impressed by how the ingenious concept was executed so tastefully – sleek delivery without losing its seriousness.