Ala Carte


As the car rental arm of Grab, GrabRentals has revolutionised the renting experience for car hirers by incorporating benefits like medical leave, petrol savings, and loyalty rewards. As part of their 3rd Anniversary celebrations, GrabRentals wanted a video that could communicate the benefits of renting from them, in a relatable and clear format. After a few rounds of selection, the team at GrabRentals was impressed with our proposal as well as the effort we’ve put into conducting ground research on private car hirers.

How've we helped

GrabRentals gives Grab drivers without personal cars, the option to hire a car at affordable rates with exclusive GrabRentals benefits that other private dealers would not be able to offer. After operating for a couple of years, GrabRentals was looking to produce a marketing video to reach out to more Grab drivers who do not already own a car. They approached us after having spoken to several other established production houses and chose to work with us as we showed genuine interest in their product. Our ability to work independently during the project kickoff to help ourselves better understand their product and business gave them the confidence that working with us will be an investment to achieving their business objectives. 

With the diverse age group of Grab drivers, it was a challenge to keep the video relatable to everyone. We also had to ensure that the diplomatic and amicable relationship between Grab and their partnering private rental companies are maintained. An implicit approach in delivery was employed to avoid introducing GrabRentals as a competitive rival to their partners. 

We engaged 3 talents, with 2 of them representing GrabRentals to convince the other driver about the benefits of hiring with GrabRentals. The video was produced entirely by us, where we wrote and filmed a unique concept enhanced by creative editing and simple 2D animation. 

Our company celebrated our 3rd year anniversary this year and we wanted a promotional video to be played for our guests during the event. The young and energetic team at Motionsauce partnered with us to understand our strategic needs and over an intensive 3-week period, they crafted a creative and effective video that our partners and us loved. We've also used the video to complement our existing marketing efforts to better communicate our value proposition to our customers. As a whole, we had a really great experience working with the Motionsauce team and look forward to future engagements with them. Highly recommended!

Melvin Chia

Assistant Manager, Grab Rentals