Ala Carte


A new and revolutionary Singaporean paint company that boasts a special mix that purifies the air. The only question is.. How do they get the word out through video?

How've we helped

Gush ( is a relatively new brand in the Singaporean market. With the odds stacked against them fighting against other long-standing incumbent players, they wanted to use video to communicate their unique proposition and push their brand further.

We developed two distinct videos for Gush Paint using a mix of animated sequences coupled with video.

The first, a marketing video explaining the key benefits and features of the product for new customers. The second, a more abstract and emotional video cautioning families with asthmatic children to take care of their indoor air. Both videos garnered thousands of views for their videos, but the abstract branding video ended up with 91,000 views on their brand channel as a result of the arresting story.

Screened across various digital mediums like Youtube, Facebook ads and more social platforms, the company garnered thousands of views and more importantly, a sharp increase in new enquiries and sales of the paint product.