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For over 30 years, TAK’s wide range of interior products and services, specifically laminates, has been favoured by interior designers and property owners from around the world. Under the TAK group, they have launched popular brands such as Lamitak, newedge and artäk to inspire their customers with the possibilities that high-pressure laminates can provide for their space.

How've we helped

While property owners could decide on the designs of the laminates they want for their space, it is uncommon for them to order directly or be familiar with the various interior product and service brands that are in the market. This means that intermediaries such as architects, interior designers and general contractors are important avenues for TAK’s business. To influence these intermediaries to be brand advocates of TAK, they needed a video that shows their persistence in delivering high quality products and design philosophy behind each piece of art. 

The balance we had to strike during conceptualisation, was the focus on the beautiful designs of their laminates, and their organisational values. If we focus too much on the former, the output may appear as Lamitak portfolio video. On the other hand, if we focus too much on the latter, the output may be filled with corporate speak and may appear detached with too little visuals of their core product - laminates. Through in-depth research on their company, as well as multiple visits to their showroom, warehouse and headquarters, we deciphered the main message that needs to be conveyed in this video and moved on to the video production phase.

The end result was a video that represented TAK’s core values extensively through demonstrating the impact of staying true to their beliefs - the creation of Lamitak, placing TAK on the world map, receiving a prestigious award and the never ending design possibilities that await their customers. During the project review, the client shared that the team at Motionsauce has successfully captured the essence of top tier craftsmanship and that they were pleased with our team’s versatility in matching their needs.