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ShopBack is one of the more well-known cashback platforms in Asia. With the launch of ShopBack Go, they are now making cashback accessible to offline stores, helping them retain loyal customers and attract new ones. With the many possible applications of ShopBack Go, one of the challenges is to reflect as many businesses with physical storefronts as possible. This includes fashion retail, restaurants, cafes, hair salons, foldable bike stores, and the list goes on. Together with the business development and marketing team at ShopBack, we shortlisted a few key industries that they were focusing their outreach efforts on at that time - Fashion and F&B outlets.

During the project kickoff meeting, we ran through with the Shopback team how the usage of the video will affect the script & storyboards respectively. From a business strategy standpoint, a video that is used to communicate the app’s benefits during a cold outreach as compared to a video that is sent as follow-up collateral after the initial pitch to the gatekeepers should be different. For instance, a video used for cold outreach requires a tease, a memorable factor for the target audience to be hooked to find out more. On the other hand, if it’s used as follow-up collateral for the gatekeepers to show it to the rest of the decision-makers, the script will be more ‘complete’, akin to a summary of key points and examples that was shared during the initial meeting - If this sounds like an explainer video to you, you’re right. 

With the influx of explainer videos for new apps, services, platforms, and products, marketers realise that audiences cannot remember all the benefits that are mentioned in 1 video sitting. This is why after serious deliberation, the ShopBack team reviewed their business development process and found out that their initial outreach is usually a face-to-face meeting or video call where they have to present data via Powerpoint/Keynotes. A video that is used as follow-up collateral to remind and refresh the key benefits after their initial outreach would create more impact on closing the deal.

Apart from streamlining the scenes to fit the short duration as well as ensuring that the cashback concept was clear for their prospective pitches, we’ve spent quite a few sessions deliberating on different animation art styles with the client. Instead of having whimsical character styles and a wacky colour palette, we worked out a mood board that presented the store/restaurant scenes with realistic proportions and colours that are in sync with ShopBack’s brand guide for a more effective brand association strategy.

To keep things refreshing, we maintained a video pace that kept the visuals dynamic and created key scenes that translated the benefits graphically for the audience to download information easier.