Grand Venture Technology

World class precision manufacturing expertise with core competencies in ultra precision machining, complex mechatronics assembly and advanced materials capabilities

How've we helped

We were tasked to create a promotional video for GVT’s 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM), reaffirming investors on the success of GVT in today’s manufacturing field and the company’s plans for the future by attracting new investors to invest in the company. By targeting institutional investors, companies and potential partners or clients, this video not only shows the range of services but also the world class standard that this Singapore based company can achieve. This also reassures investors that GVT is a company worth investing in, being a front runner of digitalization with a strong track record and solid customer relationships that goes beyond Singapore.

As GVT produces crucial machinery and products within the manufacturing industry, certain information is sensitive for the general public. As such, we have to constantly ensure that our video production and its process does not include any confidential content that might potentially put our client at risk. By understanding the demographics of GVT’s target audienceー one that values emotional journey, our video serves to translate their technical capabilities into significant and meaningful values.

We worked closely with GVT to ensure our visions of what is shown in the video are aligned. We were also on a constant lookout for visuals that can potentially create strong emotional takeaways by finding specific references around the place that gives off an impactful vibe on camera. We came across a Chinese calligraphy writing in their facility which says “海纳百川“, a Chinese idiom that signifies obtaining revenue from multiple streams. As such, this gave us the opportunity to craft our storyline and content along it - A company that ventures into multiple streams, GVT is a vessel that brings clients and investors next level opportunities by venturing into bigger oceans and seas. We also incorporated the use of video sequences and motion graphics to highlight the Industry 4.0 powered facility such as showing how the different machines communicate with each other.