Raising The Bar

An accelerator programme tailored to enable business transformation for law firms in Singapore

How've we helped

The Law Society of Singapore (Lawsoc), is a representative body for all Singapore lawyers with the mission to ensure that Singapore’s legal industry remains competitive in today’s volatile environment. They do this by encouraging law firms and lawyers to constantly improve their skills, adopting the best practices to serve the community. The Legal Productivity and Innovation department (LPI) approached us to create a promotional video for “Raising The Bar”.

During the video conceptualisation process, we struggled to find a balance between creating an appealing impression and a realistic representation of the “Raising The Bar'' programme. To ensure the authenticity of our content, we conducted pre-interviews rounds to collect raw responses from the interviewees that we can potentially use to script out the desired response for the recorded interview. Additionally, we understood the challenge for some clients to gauge the video edit in terms of the duration of each response for example. As such, the scripted responses derived from the pre-interviews allow lawyers to respond accurately during filming, and also help our client to visualise the video content even before the edit is out. This also gave us more time to beautify the product by adding motion graphics as lesser time is spent on cutdowns and edits.