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Y suites

Y Suites is a students’ accommodation provider in Australia, who is headquartered in Singapore. Their target audience are international students and for these students, Y Suites aims to provide a ‘community space’ - one where comfort and empowerment are of priority.

How've we helped

As they look to establish themselves as the top off-campus accommodation choice, the team approached us with an explainer video in mind to promote their suites.

After several discussions with the Y Suites’s team and conducting research on their competitors, the team realised that perhaps - a branding video is more crucial at the moment as oftentimes, parents and students are not aware of the Y Suites branding - particularly, what the alphabet ‘Y’ stands for. 

Hence, we switched gears to prepare for a brand video instead - one that shows the brand identity of Y Suites and showcases the vibrant community life that Y Suites can provide for the students. With the team’s preference in 2D animation style, we explored multiple concepts and various roles to bring the best out of the Y Suites brand. For the tone of the voiceover, they felt that the ‘fun, supportive school senior’ image would be most convincing to speak to the target audience and agreed that the creative shapes concept was indeed a better fit to represent the diverse population of students that Y Suites is looking to attract. 

The challenge was thinking out-of-the-box on how to work around purposeful elements and shapes to address a younger audience - as well as highlighting abstract concepts and ensuring seamless transitions between each scene. Playing with colours, shapes and sizes made it visually appealing but more importantly, it showed diversity and relayed an important message - that Y Suites is a community that embraces students from different walks of life, no matter their background or their story. 

The client was satisfied with the level of production portrayed by the Motionsauce team and were amazed at how we managed to capture the essence of Y Suites strategically in 1 minute. 

We’re happy to jump on a discovery call with you to see if a brand video or an explainer video may be more suitable for your current needs.